Convocatoria Cerrada

Gracias por participar, el 30 de abril daremos a conocer la selección oficial 2019

Son bienvenidas las películas para el 2do. Festival anual que se llevará a cabo en mayo de 2019 en la ciudad de Tepoztlán, Mor.

La convocatoria está abierta para películas o videos que tienen un tema relacionado con las mascotas, ya sean ficciones, documentales, experimentales  o animaciones. Se prefieren películas cortas de hasta 30 minutos de duración, pero se aceptan películas de cualquier longitud.

Recibimos cualquier estilo de película que promueva la misión del Pet Film Festival Tepoztlán: brindarles a los amantes de los animales la experiencia compartida de celebrar y acrecentar la relación humano-mascota.

El Festival únicamente recibe películas a través de, que ofrece un servicio gratuito para el cineasta. Cobramos una couta mínima de recuperación y gestión.

El Pet Film Festival Tepoztlán es una celebración del amor entre las mascotas,  su gente y los refugios que los apoyan. Refugios locales recibirá una parte de las croquetas y accesorios recaudados en el evento.

Thank you for participating, on April 30 we will announce the official selection 2019

Films are welcome for the 2nd. Annual Festival that will be held on May 8th and 9th, 2019 in the city of Tepoztlan, Mexico.

The call is open for films or videos that have a theme related to pets, whether movies, documentaries, experiments or animations. Short films of up to 25 minutes in length are preferred, but films of any length are accepted.

We received any style of film that promotes the mission of the Pet Film Festival Tepoztlán: to give animal lovers the shared experience of celebrating and enhancing the human-pet relationship.

The Pet Film Festival Tepoztlán is a celebration of love between pets, their people and the shelters that support them. A local shelter will receive a portion of donations we will receive in exchange for tickets in each city we visited.

The presentation guidelines for the Pet Film Festival Tepoztlán are the following:

-Participants accept all rules and regulations of the PFFT and must be over 18 years old, young filmmakers under the age of 18 must have the written consent of a parent or guardian.

-Films that are not in Spanish must be subtitled or at least provide dialog list.

-All films are welcome and may have been previously viewed by the public.

-When submitting a movie, the filmmaker accepts the following conditions: 
The PFFT will screen films digitally and, therefore, will only accept digital consignments visible online. The chosen films will be transferred to a BluRay Disc for exhibition purposes. The filmmaker is responsible for supplying a high resolution format of his film. Contact the Festival director for help if necessary.

-For multiple registrations, keep in mind that each film entered must have a separate registration form.

-The PFFT will travel to several cities in Mexico annually, although there is no guarantee that each film seen at the annual Tepoztlán premiere will be included in the edited version of the trip.

-The filmmaker is granted permission to exhibit at all PFFT tour destinations in any year, and any use and subsequent exhibition platform, including emerging technology.

-PFFT does not pay exhibition fees under any circumstances. By submitting your movie, you are agreeing to have your movie shown without a fee or any other compensation if selected.

-For advertising and promotion purposes, short clips of any film entered in the Festival can be shown in any network, Internet or related media, including promotion by our sponsors.

-The PFFT reserves the right to include any accepted film in any format used for promotional purposes.

Submitting a film to the Pet Film Festival Tepoztlán implies acceptance of these rules.